Mama Bear Limited


Embracing Our Age

I often wonder if I will ever feel my age. Sure, the obvious is to come; the whitening of the hair, the wrinkled yet enduring skin, and the reminiscing heart that has no choice but to hold on to the memories of what once was...

But, do we ever feel like we belong amongst those that we share age with? Do we constantly feel as though "they" are the older, wiser ones. Do we all tease the thought that we can't possibly be them?

I do believe that we are all young at heart. Deep within all of us, is the child that taught us all we know now. The real stuff. That little girl or boy that taught us to how feel authentically. How to love without qualm, live without fear, and imagine without boundary.

I challenge each and every one of you to not only see "them", our elders as the wiser, but as the joyous souls they emanate and do desperately yearn to be.

For one day, there will be no question if that is us. As long as we never lose sight of the innocent yet peculiar child in all of us, we shall have no problem embracing our age.